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How it Works

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August 27th 2014
Announce a new machine - The AquaSharp AQ. Get it while supplies last - $3600.


What's new?

Professional commercial-grade water cooled knife sharpening machine.

Stainless steel body with four sharpening stations which include: coarse, medium, fine, and polish. Perfect for restaurants, meat markets, kitchens, grocery stores, hospitals, hotels, military, cruise ships, and culinary establishments. It
lasts a lifetime!


Welcome To AquaSharp
a little bit about us...

The company was established 1932 in Slovenia and at that time we make only basic equipment for butchers. As the company grew with the years we develop more new products. And our last most successful product is water knife sharpener. Because uniqueness of this new machine we introduce our new patented water knife sharpener to US.

Aqua Sharp is conducting business in the US since 2009. All this time we were testing the knife sharpening market, and response from our customers is surprisingly positive. Now is time for every chef and butcher in US to experience the difference working with very sharp knife that only take seconds to be sharp professionally.

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How our Machines Work?

knife - knife sharpening machine

Learn how we engineered our plug-and-play knife shapening machines so that you not only shapen all your tools quickly, but be save doing it.

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Machine Specifications

knife - knife sharpening machine

Our products are made out of high quality parts that will last years to come.

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